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Therapy for Peak Performance

How can therapy help us perform at our best? 

  1. Imagine trying to work with one hand tied behind your back. When we have a bunch of stuff in the back closet of our life that’s gone unacknowledged, it always takes some degree of energy to keep the closet door shut. Therapy can help us clean out that closet so that we can have both hands free for the work of our life. 

  2. When we’ve got stuff shut away in that closet, whatever is in there tends to burst out from time to time, no matter how hard we are working to keep the door shut. Therapy can help us learn to recognise when this is happening and begin to be able to respond in ways that have fewer negative consequences than the strategies we’re already using.  

  3. The more we know and like ourselves for who we are, the more permission and energy we have internally to do the things we’re really called to do. When we’ve cleaned out our closet and made friends with ourselves, we can live in a way that more fully expresses who we are, both in our careers and in our personal relationships. 

  4. If you're already performing at a high level but are unhappy and approaching burnout, you might be a person who keeps the closet door shut by working long hours and making sure that everyone is happy with your work. This can feel confusing because we expect peak performance to feel great, but living this way is usually exhausting and miserable. Therapy can help you work in a way that makes you feel alive, not burnt out.

Therapy can be really helpful for personal development and peak performance. By taking your whole being into account, you get to show up more fully and really feel and take in your successes. Any questions? Drop a comment below! I'd love to hear from you.

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